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Custom Granny Square Blanket

This is the kind of blanket you see on the back of the sofa in that sitcom. You know, every American sitcom, from the 90s. Its a very versitile blanket and can look different depending on which colours you choose and the layout of the squares. Whatever you choose, you're garunteed a timeless classic, perfect for snuggling down on a chilly evening. 


Available to be custom made in all sizes and an array of colours. Choose your size and the border colour (This is what ties all the squares together and used for the main edging too). Then type in the bar what you have in mind for the squares. I'll get back to you and we can come up with a plan. Or, if you're unsure of what to go for, just give me a message on the contact page, I'll be happy to help!


The sizes above are an approximation. The blanket may come out slightly bigger than above, but never smaller.


100% Acrylic yarn

Hand Crocheted

Custom Granny Square Blanket

Border Colour
  • Machine wash delicate cycle on 30°. Air dry flat

  • Up to 6 weeks depending on size