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All About Alice

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Hello there!

I’m Alice Johnson, the founder of Make Me... by Alice.


Welcome to my website! Here is a little bit about what I do and how I got here.

My busy career in the world of wardrobe for theatre and dance had me making all kinds of creations for knights, demons and ballerinas in shows from Swan Lake to Book of Mormon. In this time I also washed over 52,480 pairs of pants (I’ve done the maths).

When I wasn’t busy running around from fittings to opening night cocktails, you could rely upon finding me in my happy place: sitting with a pile of wool, needles clicking away.


That all changed with the arrival of my cheeky little girl, Hazel, in November 2015.


The change of pace and lifestyle knocked the wind out of my sails at first. I needed something to focus my energy on. I'd always wanted to take my passion for knitting to the next level and thus - Make Me... by Alice was born!

In October 2016, I took the plunge and opened my Etsy shop. It's been a few years of hard graft learning about how to sell online, but since then, my little business has grown and grown. And that's not the only thing that has grown.

Since then I have got married and grown my family a bit too, with the arrival of baby number 2, Ivy, in September 2019. Now with two gorgeous girls to practise new designs on, there is no stopping me!

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Knitting is a bit of a mix of an art and a science. I love the process of finding or developing the pattern that would bring a knit from my imagination into reality. Most of all, I love that feeling of seeing people’s faces when opening a hand-knitted present.

So please, have a browse, don't be scared to get in touch (I'm ever so friendly!) and sit back while I whip you up something handmade, unique, and exactly how you want it. 


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